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About me

I am an Italian illustrator and visual designer, based in Hof, Germany. Through visual media like illustrations, graphics, illustrated videos and zines, I help companies, brands, NGOs, solo entrepreneurs and publishers to bring their ideas and values to life. More about me… In my portfolio you can find more about my work regarding illustrations, explainer videos and corporate design.


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How can
I help you?

My expertise lies in visual branding. I conceptualize and design the right visual language for your company, your products/services, your messages and your values.
Many companies too often underestimate the importance of branding. Your brand perception has a strong influence not only on the buying decisions of your clients, but also on customer loyalty. If your services are as good as the ones of your competitors, branding is a very important key to stand out from the crowd.
My favorite example is Mailchimp, the marketing platform for email marketing. Mailchimp’s more contrasting colors and especially its playful, yet very modern corporate illustrations make the platform a symbol of creativity, modernity, out-of-the-box-thinking and authenticity.