Illustrator &
visual designer

I am an Italian illustrator and visual designer based in Hof, Germany. My illustrations and design help companies to express their values and message visually as well as show their character.

About me

I am Annalisa, a passionate illustrator and visual designer from Milan, Italy. In 2013, I moved to Germany and after living in several cities I now reside in Hof.
Before moving to Hof, I got my M.A in Media Management and Information Design at the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences.
Besides my work for companies, I also run my Etsy shop Anneliesesmile. On Etsy, I sell my illustrations and zines about important issues close to my heart such as education, sustainability and many more!


You can contact me in one of these languages:

Italian, German, English and Spanish.

I work with companies, brands, NGOs, solo entrepreneurs, publishers and private persons.

You can have a look at my work in different ways.

  1. You can click on my portofolio (illustrations, explainer videos, corporate design) on my website.
  2. You can also visit my Etsy shop to get a better idea of my personal projects.
  3. You can have a look at my instagram account: @anneliesesmile.

You can visit my contact site for more information.

In my Etsy shop you can buy my eco-friendly postcards with my illustrations and my zines about different important topics. Just have a look!


Anneliesesmile is my Etsy shop´s name. The name Anneliesesmile was inspired by the thoughtful movie called Mona Lisa Smile with Julia Roberts. The movie is about the importance of education, of critical thinking and of the right to choose your own future, even though it is against societal expectations.

Education has always been important to me and I felt really connected to the movie. Moreover, my name is very similar to Mona Lisa and I thought, it was a good fit. I then decided to choose the German version of my name because after all these years living in Germany it has become my new home.