Corporate Zine

A zine (short for magazine) is a self-published, illustrated booklet.

Historically, zines were a tool to express non-conformist ideas. Nowadays, the zine can be seen as a new tool of content marketing, as a corporate zine shows your corporate identity. The design and illustrations are not only adapted to your corporate design, but they also explain visually and with valuable content your values, your history and the topics of your business. Example.


For whom is a
corporate zine suitable?

A corporate zine is for anyone who has always wanted to write a book about the topics of their business, but never had the time. Writing books is more time consuming than corporate zines. A zine is a booklet with no strict rules about number of pages, illustrations or type of style to use. A company could also choose to have a zine of only 6 pages. Corporate zines are also great for companies that want to reach more customers with content marketing and that want to strengthen the customer relationshop.


Das Konzept vom Zine ist immer noch jung für einige Länder und für Personen, die nicht in der Illustration-Branche tätig sind. Deswegen biete ich das komplette Paket an: Vom Content-Beratung über den Stil, die Illustrationen bis zum Layout. Wenn Du immer ein Buch schreiben wolltest, aber nie genug die Kraft und Zeit gefunde, dann vereinbare mit mir ein kostenloses Beratungsgespräch!

of corporate zines

Corporate zines have many advantages for companies. On the one hand, zines are smaller than books and contain a compact amount of knowledge, which is less of a burden on customers. Coporate illustrations also help to print the message of the content and make it easier to read. As the corporate zines cover the topics of your business, so they are helpful to show that you absolutely have an expert status. Moreover, many customers and people in general still appreciate a paper format than a digital one. And so with a corporate zine makes you possible to be always present by your customers and in their homes. Another advantage is that zines are much more intimate than a blog post and in a world that is becoming more and more anonymous, something personal has more added value for your clients.