Zine 'Education'

This zine (a self-published print-work) is about education, a topic really close to my heart. The 24-pages-zine is divided into different chapters which focus on a different subject.

Who is it this zine for?

This zine is for everyone interested in education or illustrations. It is for everyone who want to know more about the subject but doesn´t have enough time to read a big book about it. It is also for everyone who loves illustrations and just enjoy staring at them.

The zine is in english (level B1/B2).

I contributed:


This chapter explains the most important words in the field of education.

This part focuses on global adult and youth literacy rate as well as on global completion rate of primary education in 2019. The aim of this chapter is to help people reflecting about the challenges that education still have to face worldwide and that it should not be taken for granted.

In this chapter I talk about the oldest schools and universities worldwide.

Do you know that there are schools in the world with only one child or made of plastic bottles? And that is only some of the most interesting facts about schools.

A book even a zine without an inspirational story is not interesting
enough. In my zine ‚Education‘ I talk about two stories full of courage
and meaning. I talk about two women, for example about Malala, who should be a role model for every child in the world. One of this story is also the inspiration source of the illustrations of this zine.

Reliable sources are really important and I wanted to make sure, that readers know where all this informations come from and where to go to deepen a topic.

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