LanguagEd is a company which works in the field of foreign language education. The video ‚A historical timeline of language teaching methods‘ was the launching video of the course ‚Language Teaching Methodology‘, which is about the theory and practice of teaching foreign languages.

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A historical timeline of language teaching methods

Why are
explainer videos

Videos and animations are really appealing visual communication instruments to deliver messages, ideas and information in general. Explainer videos help not only to describe complicated topics in a simplified and captivating way but also to promote brands, their corporate design and distinctivness. Moreover, they increase user engagement and conversion rates.


I design the whole storyboard as well as the illustrations of your explainer video.
I am specializied in illustrated explainer videos that are animated using a scribble technique. This technique allows me and the clients not only to reduce the cost of the video, but also to reduce the needed time for the animation.

More about
my work...

If you are interested in my work as an illustrator and visual designer, you can have a look at my portfolio. Besides explainer videos my specialization lies in illustrations and corporate design.
If you are interested instead in getting to know me better and in learning about the topics I care about, you can visit my Etsy shop.