Why are illustrations
so important?

lllustrations are a powerful visual communication medium. They convey abstract concepts, values and complex ideas more easily. Moreover, illustrations can add more individuality to a company and its corporate design. In a digital world crowded with images it is difficult to stand out from the masses. But illustrations can help to add more personality and distinctiviness to the visual language of a company, campaign, book and so on.


My illustrations are characterized by my minimalist (and surrealist) style. I love modern illustrations that leave a lot of room for interpretation. That’s why in my work I fuse familiar and surrealistic elements together. The synergy between the disjointed elements gives the illustration more character.

More about
my work...

If you are interested in seeing and finding out more about my work as a visual designer, you can have a look at my portfolios containing my work on explainer videos or corporate design. In my Etsy shop you can get familiar with my personal projects and learn about the topics I care about.